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EIFI empowers developers, liquidity providers and traders to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and access EIFI Swap, EIFI stack & yields farming , lend, borrow, with in the community driven platform.

Innovative platform to grow
our community with DeFi landscape

EIFI was established in London in 2021. We have worked tirelessly to contribute our efforts towards the advancement of the specialized development field of centralized and decentralized exchange development. Our early development has led some industry experts to refer to the EIFI Team as ‘pioneers’ of Crypto exchange technology. Since our launch, we have continued to learn and grow as an organization and our once small team has grown into a far-reaching and diverse group; at present we have Team members from nearly every continent.

EY FUNDING LIMITED is committed to providing professional Crypto asset management platform and services for 1,00,000 users in over 40+ countries worldwide, with an EIFI community of over 20,000 people in Europe, Vietnam, South Africa, USA, Russia, Korea and China.